Shadow and Bone Trilogy | Review

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I have just finished reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy which I loved! If you didn’t see my review on Six of Crows then check it out here because they are both by the wonderful Leigh Bardugo! As you know, I love to write book reviews, partly because I often turn to them myself when looking for a book, as always, I won’t include spoilers because who wants that when reading a book?!
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Evening Skincare | February ’19

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It’s Sundayyyy, I hope you are all having a lovely day, and half term if you’re in school! I did my morning skincare routine a few weeks ago and finally got round to writing my evening routine today! Hope you like!

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What is Self-Care?

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Would I really be a blogger in 2019 if I didn’t touch upon self-care? No, I didn’t think so! But, there is a good reason for why self-care and self-love have become such a massive thing- it’s just so important for ourselves and our lives but sometimes we all neglect it by accident. In this post, I wanted to share with you what self-care is to me, and a few of my top ways of achieving it easily to fit in with whatever lifestyle you have. Continue reading “What is Self-Care?”

10 Reasons I love my Kindle

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Before I start, a quick disclaimer- this is not an #ad but the link provided is affiliated so I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. (Explained here)

The reason I am writing this post is that I use my kindle so much and just don’t even think that I have it but I realised that for some people, they may not even think about it and may always just buy the book! As you know, I don’t always use my kindle and love to read an actual book but there are a lot of times when I choose to use my kindle and this post is all about why it’s so great!

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Current Playlist | Jan’19

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I keep almost writing 2018 in the dates of posts which isn’t too great considering its almost February! January seems to have gone quicker than it usually does though which I guess is a good thing? Anyway, the point of this ramble was just to tell you that I hope you all had a good January and here is my current playlist, there is a bit of a random selection of music so I hope you enjoy! x

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